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I always thought I had a “healthy” diet. Whole grains, no white or brown sugar ever, lots of organic fruit and vegetables. We have an organic farm after all. However, it is now obvious that I had been a carbohydrate-honey-fruit freak.

I’m 64. Last winter I began drinking water like it was going out of style. I hurt my shoulder, which made me very sedentary. Nevertheless I lost 10 kg (22kb). I now weigh about 90 kg (198lbs) at 6 ft.

Couldn’t understand all the factors. My daughter-in-law suggested late onset diabetes. So I decided to go for a blood test and urine analysis. I live in Spain. Thus all one does is go to one’s local health center and request the tests, no costs associated with them. One week later I went in early one AM and they drew blood and I handed in my urine sample. (September 9)

The results that came back (I went in on the 20th of Sept. or thereabouts) were highly disappointing for me. High BG (280) and all the bad cholesterol numbers.

They had me come in for a fasting BG test the next morning, just to make sure (me thinking they must have mixed up my blood sample with someone else’s in the lab LOL) and it was sitting at 270.

It was then I decided that my life was going to have to go through a complete 180 degree turn diet-wise That morning I began my internet searches, looking for information. The thread running threw all the info was that carbs, carbs, carbs was really sugar. I resolved then I had had it for good with honey and bread and rice and anything else that had any sort of high carb content.

That evening I tested out at 223. This was after the exercise of three 20 minute walks from my house to the clinic and a change of diet.

The next day my doctor proscribed Velmetia (composed of Sitagliptina 50mg and Metformina 1000mg), once a day in the morning with breakfast. I was also given a glucometer to home test.

Meanwhile my diet was undergoing radical changes. I began to take the meds as well. My BG never again would test over 200. I began to see which foods might spike my results. I also decided on a diet. The low carb – high fat diet a la Barry Groves. I also watched the film “Simply Raw”. Beautiful documentary, cried (from happiness) at the end.

My BG began to be (around these values)
AM 145 Midday
before lunch 127
before dinner 101

Then I went back for my next appointment with my doctor yesterday (Friday). He said the reason I was “spiking” in the morning was because the effects of the morning pill were to be seen throughout the day. But the effects had left by morning. So he told me to take another pill in the evening before bed as well.

This depressed me a bit, because my goal is to control my BG through diet and exercise and get off those pills. (On them for one week now.) I hate pharmaceutical medicines.

So I went home wondering about what I as going to do after that 145 morning reading. I guess I was thinking so hard that at midday I suddenly realised I hadn’t taken my morning pill with breakfast. OMG.

This was yesterday. I said, look I’ll check BG before lunch and then if it’s spiked high, I’ll take the pill with lunch, no biggie. I took the reading at 2pm or so and it was at 147. I said, Ok, I’ll continue without the pill.

BTW my diet is constantly being tweaked as I learn more and more how to handle this high fat diet. At nightfall before dinner my reading was 101. I decided not to take a pill.

This morning my reading was 130. This is now without pills, and only changing diet.

Going out for a 20 minute walk, up and down hills.

Comments welcome.

This blog may be just what the doctor ordered, (pun intended). Although every individual is different, personal experience personally experienced by real people and communicated can help.


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